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Assaf Tarfikant, the CEO of Quickwin started an affair with online marketing somewhere in the early 2000's, but the company came almost 10 years later. After agressive dive in the affiliation world, mastering SEO and PPC, it was time back in 2007 to take over the data domain and master analytics and CRO methods. In the recent years Quickwin focus on big budget campaigns, e-commerce analysis and product developement.



Spent on tidious tasks. We have it all automated, from reports, dashboards, notifications, mega scripts to help us hadnle huge campaigns, real-time data manipulation, ETL's, chatbots and messenger stuff. We hate doing the same thing twice.

Oh no, that boring list of...


Analytics & CRO


We take ANY shitty, messed-up analytics and make it shine like unicorn. Our CRO process is for companies who actually knows what CRO really is. BE THAT COMPANY!



We put these two together because they work like a charm this way. We dig Adwrods, Facebook, Twitter, Bing and even Linkedin (Although we hate it). Our SEO skills came from sites you don't want your kids to visit. But now we're doing SEO for legit areas. Like yours.



We automate ANYTHING! God help us all. We're soon out of work!

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